Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Film - Essay Example this theory originated after analyzing the particular stylistic marks that each director left on his/her motion art which made it easy to distinguish between films from two directors (each inculcating his/her own personality into the film). The basis of auteur theory is that instead being a co-operative, industrial product, a film becomes identified with its director, who is seen as the ultimate creative impetus or force behind the film. It is actually more complex than this in theory but it does attempt to insert an author into the film. Auteur theory is also very pervasive and has entered the popular discourse on films with critical opinion and reviews often articulated from this point of view for instance: â€Å"The latest Tarantino release† etc. Auteur directors exhibit thematic and stylistic consistencies throughout their careers, which seems as a prerequisite for the auteur theory to be acceptable. Auteur work is a timeless coating on a director`s film, which keeps it a classic through the future. Bergman is remembered not because he was one of the greatest film makers or he was known for his name for art houses but because he put forward a method of watching films that was the touchstone of the art house experience. His films are not brimming with violent events or they are not well composed. His films always demand the concentration and tolerance of the viewers, as they are rich in provocations. An auteur of a film is distinguished by the theme, style, ideology used in that film, i.e. the plots, places and faces used in the film and most importantly, time. The Time is a main theme in Bergmans work. The second of three children, Ernst Ingmar Bergman was born on 14 July 1918. His father was Erik Bergman, a clergyman. His mother was Karin Bergman, nà ©e Ã…kerblom, a qualified nurse. Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala. His mother came from a well off family; she was a proud, strong-willed person, and with Ingmar growing up the relationship between his parents

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